Direct selling is a fine art, regardless of whether existing customers are to be expanded or new customers are to be generated. Every company should know its target group as precisely as possible and work permanently on activating it in a targeted manner and achieving corresponding sales.

The immediate feedback during direct contact via telephone is important and qualified conversations at eye level can lead to sustainable success, especially in the business customer segment.

We activate existing customers as well as potential new customers. Together with you, we develop statistical twins based on your target group in order to increase the likelihood of new customers making a purchase (i.e. market participants who are similar to your existing customers in certain respects can usually be acquired more quickly thanks to these similarities). With the help of a customer database (CRM = Customer Relationship Management) we log calls, mails and meetings in order to learn daily and to become better together. The transparency created in digital processes means that no tasks, deadlines or potentials are lost any more. 




First and foremost, you need to make sure that your brand / product / service is known to the recipient.


We have already contacted leads in the German-speaking region


Through targeted sales pitches, we transform a need into a tangible need.


Decision-makers were qualified for follow-up discussions


In the second step, we identify the company's current greatest need.


different industries were addressed


Quotations are created, sent and tracked on a customer-specific basis. Follow-up tasks are created automatically with the help of process optimization.


Interactions led on average from MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to a new customer


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