Social Media Marketing

We follow, link, share, communicate, browse, research or buy through social media channels. We operate online both in our private and professional lives.

Our social media experts create an authentic dialogue and provide your company with a face. It is important to reach and activate a customer as early as the discovery phase ("Discovery Commerce").

For over 10 years we have been winning fans, leads and customers via social media channels. We develop measurable campaigns and integrate them into your communication strategy.



Instagram is the second strongest communication channel of young people after WhatsApp and is predominantly used on mobile devices. Through targeted, visually attractive and emotional campaigns, we address your customers already in the discovery or inspiration phase.

+50.000 posts and stories

We have already planned, implemented and evaluated +50.000 posts and stories.

Linked In I Xing

Nowadays, career platforms are no longer only used for the self-marketing of individuals and the development of a professional network. Through targeted campaigns, we increase the awareness of your company - both in the area of personnel marketing and in brand building.

+610 million contacts

you can reach them worldwide via LinkedIn alone. There are +16 million members registered in the primarily German-speaking Xing. More than half of them have a net household income of >= 36.000 € per year.


+1.4 billion users and everyone just a click away. We design, implement and optimize your campaigns, individually tailored to your company, your services and strategy. We increase your brand awareness, generate new customers or boost your sales and revenue figures.


We have already planned, realised and implemented 1.500 campaigns.

Messenger und Chatbots

WhatsApp recently cracked the 1.5 billion user mark, and Facebook Messenger has around 1.3 billion users. By addressing your customers via the well-known messengers, current information, updates, but also purchase recommendations and offers are communicated.

+300.000 people

sprechen wir direkt und regelmäßig über Chatbots und Messenger-Kampagnen an.


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